Personal Training

"We are a couple at the wrong end of our 40s, wanting to lose weight, improve our fitness and enjoy doing exercise, after too many years without it. We’ve tried several personal trainers over the years, but this was in another league. Gail quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and developed a positive and really varied programme.  It’s not all one thing, or the other. And there are no fads or flavours of the month; just a really balanced set of activities, stretching us that bit further each time, and mixing things up so there is always something new. Gail is positive, always encouraging and in-tune with our needs and capabilities. She knows how far to push us and when to hold back. She really knows her stuff, without in any way being arrogant, and is always happy to offer tips and suggestions if you want them, from diet, to choice of trainers. Being outdoor has been excellent and so much better than stuffy gyms.  Results have been better than we’d ever hoped; we’ve lost a fair bit of weight, feel a lot fitter and have built exercise in to our weekly routine. Now we have learnt that it can be enjoyable (!) we’ve started to build regular exercise into our week. Really grateful for all the help we’ve had from North London Fitness and we can’t recommend them more highly."

Sarah and Tim B

"Over a year ago I began personal training after many years of being a committed couch potato. I was very nervous about the whole idea of exercising. However, from a wonderful recommendation from my brother I contacted Gail, booked my first appointment and can truly say it's the best decision I have ever made. I love my weekly sessions as I know I will be challenged to my best ability in a positive and supportive way which I find very motivating.  I can remember every milestone of achievement that she has got me to from doing my first ab balance to running my first km. I have recently just completed  a 10 km race in Hyde Park with my brother and was fit enough to talk as I ran was something a year ago I would not have dreamed of."


Jo C

"Training with Gail has become a regular 'fix': not something to do without if at all possible. She intuitively understands how far to push you each session to pursue your fitness goals. Gail is by far the best fitness trainer I've had over the years."

Sue S

"Gail is inspirational!   I met her a year after I had my baby.  I had attended some exercises groups for women after pregnancy and thought I would never be able to regain my old figure.  Gail assessed my needs and then tailor made an amazing programme for me.  Initially focusing on losing the weight and then toning up  I now look and feel better than ever and it is all down to Gail.  I could not have done it without her.  I feel full of confidence and happiness when I see myself in the mirror.  I know that when I have another baby she will be one of the first people I call!

Her ability to really focus on your individual needs and create a very personalised training programme really makes her service and help unique.  I would recommend her to anyone and everyone."

Kathy W

"Gail Hadley, the woman behind North London Fitness, has taught me to love exercise. Like many people, I've always despised the gym. It never seemed to inspire me like it does others. When I met Gail I was badly out of shape and couldn't run for more than a minute without feeling like I was about to collapse. Now I'm running for up to 40 minutes at a time but more importantly perhaps, I love getting out into the park with her and moving around.

She's getting me fitter and fitter every week and it is having a material effect on the other parts of my life as well as my health.

There is no pressure to be anything other than what you are with Gail. She's upbeat and positive without being a 'gym drone'. She's knowledgeable and perceptive and has an ability to bring out the best in her clients without ever barking or shouting at them. The relationship feels more like trusted friend than client and service provider.

I've only ever done personal training with her but I'm about to start going to her classes in addition as they sound like a lot of fun. It's a myth that you need to be pushing free weights in a hot stuffy gym to get fit. This is how getting fit and healthy should feel."

Mark C

"I've done PT now with Gail on and off for about a year and thoroughly enjoy it. Gail makes you work hard but its fun at the same time. Gail has a holistic approach to PT - so its not all about the exercise; but the food, mind frame, stress levels etc. We started PT sessions in my lounge (which I didn't think was possible) and now when I don't fancy braving the outdoors, I sometime use the same exercise routines by myself - so its really boosted my motivation to exercise too. Give it a go - you won't be disappointed!"

Tej S

"I wanted to lose 2 stone before my brother's wedding so I booked a series of Personal Training sessions with Gail. The first session involved a detailed consultation about my goals, health, diet and habits as well as the dreaded weigh in and measurements!

After this, we started the actual training sessions. Gail is such an expert at what she does. Each session focused on specific areas and Gail is incredibly knowledgeable about the different muscle groups and how to maximise the work you are doing.

Gail asked me to keep a food diary for 2 weeks so that she could have visability of my eating habits. This was a really important part of the training as it enabled me to make improvements to my diet based on Gail's feedback.

I loved working with Gail on a 1:1 basis; she was very good at motivating me. At the end of my final course of sessions, Gail weighed me and took my measurements for the final time. I was astonished to see that I had lost 6 inches from my waist as well as losing almost 2 stone. Definitely worth the time, effort and money!"


Nicola N

“I started personal training to get fit and lose weight for my wedding and it’s had a great impact. I lost weight fairly easily and toned up loads, focusing on some specific areas that I really wanted to work on. I find it really motivating and just the right amount of challenge without feeling too grueling. My trainer, Gail, is lovely – very human and we have a chat and a laugh at the same time as getting a good training session and achieving the results I want. She pushes me but understands some weeks are better than others and that PT has to fit around my life – she doesn’t make training feel like torture! Gail’s also been good at encouraging me to get a good exercise routine, so I train with her once a week and do a couple of other sessions on other days. In fact, she motivated me so much I even made sure I carried on while I was on my honeymoon and came back from three weeks on the beach having not put on a single pound! It’s had such a positive impact for me that I decided to carry on after the wedding and have made my husband come too!”

Hannah T