Nutritional Therapy testimonials

I've suffered with digestive issues for many years following surgery and have also suffered from anxiety and depression.  My eating wasn’t great as I was always worried that certain foods would affect my digestion and potentially leave me back in hospital.  I began experiencing insatiable hunger that several doctors could not find the cause of. Doing nutritional therapy with Gail changed everything.  During our consultation she was so attentive and understood not only my anxiety related to foods but also my anxiety generally.  She advised me on how to change my eating so that not only would I be getting the nutrients that I could be lacking because of my diet but also how what I ate could massively impact on my anxiety.  She also recommended supplements that would help to support and improve my symptoms. The particular supplements did indeed solve the terrible hunger I was experiencing & along with the nutrition advice the hunger issue has now been resolved.  My digestive symptoms have greatly improved and I have experienced a significant improvement in my ability to cope with stress and anxiety.  I cannot recommend Gail highly enough.

Alison S

Gail worked with me to help me get back to health and support my training goals at the same time. She helped me not only with my physical programme, but also by assessing my nutritional needs. She reviewed my food diary and made dietary recommendations based on my medical (I have an IBD) and physical needs. She suggested supplements that complimented her dietary recommendations and I’ve found that by combining both (as suggested by Gail) I have seen a significant improvement in my health. I have continued to follow the dietary recommendations and continue to take the natural supplements as needed. I found Gail to be very supportive and she would regularly follow up with me to check that the programme was still working (which I’m happy to say it is!).


I have been suffering from IBS for about 8 years. Like millions of other sufferers, it was brought on by stress at work and my inability to switch off or to create a happy work-life balance. After numerous trips to my GP, a couple of endoscopies, which revealed nothing other than ‘inflammation’, I decided to take action.  I gave up eating wheat and gluten and followed the FODMAP diet which helped but I continued to suffer from the same symptoms. I felt miserable, fat and uncomfortable all the time due to bloating and being in pain.  I then had a consultation with Gail where we discussed my symptoms and diet, she produced an extremely thorough and detailed bespoke report with recommendations.  For the first time in years, I felt that somebody had really listened to me. She suggested subtle changes to what I ate, when I ate and how much liquid I was taking with meals. She also commented on how some of the fruit and veg I ate regularly were not ideal for me. It sounds simple, but it really did make a difference. She also suggested taking some supplements (I don’t normally take supplements) to help with my digestion. It worked, and I can now manage my IBS much better.

Combined with regular exercise at North London Fitness, I feel I’ve got my body and my life back on track. Gail’s support and advice has been and will continue to be invaluable to me. I highly recommend a nutritional consultation with her.