I’m Gail, founder of North London Fitness and Nutrition.  My aim is simple; to motivate and empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

I don’t preach to clients or tell them what to do.  I know this approach doesn’t work for me so why would I think it would for you?  None of us are perfect.  I focus on working with you to help you make changes and build new habits that will have a positive impact on your life and sense of wellbeing.

Originally, I trained as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.  My plan?  To make exercise fun, enjoyable and accessible.  I knew from personal experience that if the gym was intimidating and uninspiring, you didn’t play a sport and you weren’t a runner, there weren’t many other options left.  So, in 2008, North London Fitness and Nutrition was launched- fun outdoor exercise that you can do anytime, anywhere, with no need for fancy equipment or designer workout gear.

Over the past ten years, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people go from fearing exercise to making it something they can’t do without.

To enable me to help clients with health issues that could be affecting their ability to feel fully well, I then decided to take my nutrition knowledge to the next level and went on to study for a further three years to become a Nutritional Therapist

As well as running group workouts and working on a one-to one basis with clients for fitness and nutrition, I regularly deliver health and wellbeing in the corporate sector.

When I’m not working, you’ll usually find me relaxing with a good book, taking long walks or up a ladder in rural France.