North London Fitness
& Nutrition

tel 0800 644 6059

Times and locations

Our outdoor fitness classes are held in the lovely Broomfield Park, Palmers Green, just a minutes walk from Palmers Green rail station.

Wednesdays 19.00-20.00: 'On the Move'

Wednesdays are our ‘On the Move' sessions using less equipment and utilising more of the areas' surounding features for a great workout. During the winter months when the park is shut we take to the streets in a 'point-to-point' workout, jogging between locations where we then stop to do various exercises.  During the light evenings we move around the park giving you a varied workout. 

Meeting point: Broomfield Park main gates-Aldermans Hill


Saturdays 09.30-10.30 am:  Saturday Circuits

Saturday outdoor fitness sessions are always held at the bottom of the steps on the large green by the football pitches.  You can bring bags, bicycles etc. as we will work out in the same area so you will be near your belongings.

Meeting point: Bottom of the main steps by the football pitches

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