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“I originally joined North London Fitness to lose weight for my wedding that was due last year. I don't like gyms or fitness classes as I don't/can't be in closed rooms or small spaces, so working out in the fresh air sounded ideal for me and it worked! I also suffer with panic attacks and needed some stress relief. North London Fitness has really helped with this as it allows me to not only to get fit but also refresh and uplift my motivation. Gail, thetrainer, allows you to work at your own ability but is always aware of how far you can go- she also gives you an alternative if you feel uncomfortable with a particular exercise. The group are just so lovely to work out with- I really haven't worked out anywhere that I feel so comfortable.”  Elena Z

“I joined the bootcamp in July 2011 and go nearly every week. When I started I weighed 82 kgs and could hardly run around the field but due to attending twice a week my fitness has increased considerably. I became motivated to change my diet and also started jogging. I’m now 10 kgs lighter, dropped two dress sizes and recently ran 6 miles in just under an hour on a charity run. I also jog to and from bootcamp now. It has not only improved my fitness and shape but it's fun too. Gail is a wonderful coach and the other participants make it a kind of social event too.”  Sarah M

“Is it really possible to exercise with a smile? Can it be true that by Saturday lunchtime one can feel not only hangover-free, but smug to boot? Will you really feel better inside and out?! If you’d told me six months ago that all these questions warranted a big fat ‘yes!’ I wouldn’t have believed you, but honestly, it’s true! After having two babies quite close together I grudgingly decided that I really had to sort myself out and do some exercise – if only to get some time out of the house to myself! Training with North London Fitness at the outdoor group sessions has not only helped me shed the post baby-weight and tone up, it’s made me feel a whole load more positive about myself and I’ve made some lovely new local mates as well. Can it be that I actually look forward to the sessions now?! Yes!"  Emma B

“Being an avid runner I wasn't sure how much benefit I would get from the classes, but after my trial session I realised that I needed North London Fitness! I've now been coming every week for 10 months and I have toned ALL of my muscles, have far fewer "running" injuries and have made lots of lovely friends! Gail is an excellent trainer and easily gauges individual abilities, ensuring that everyone has a challenging, but fun workout. I would recommend coming along to a taster session to see what it's all about!”  Miranda S

“I found out about North London Fitness over a month ago on the internet and went for a free trial session. I didn’t have any high expectations at the time but wanted to give it a try. Gail, who runs the sessions, referred to me by my name from the minute I introduced myself. She always ensured that I was doing the exercises correctly. It was a nice surprise to see a bunch of people exercising together and supporting each other no matter their age, body size or ability. I felt welcomed and happy with the way the session was structured. I could not walk for the three days after the trial session. However I decided to join the group and sweat every Saturday and Tuesday together with people who don’t want to waste their life on the sofa eating junk."  Lucie H

“I wasn't sure what to expect when I first went to bootcamp, in fact I was a little nervous! I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed my first session and have continued to go for about 6 months. The best thing about it is that it always keeps you entertained, so you get a really good workout without ever getting bored or feeling like it is monotonous. I hate going to the gym and have always found it quite hard to motivate myself to go for a run. So for me, this has been the perfect solution. It really is suitable for all fitness levels and yet you do feel challenged. After a long day at work being able to exercise outside with a group of people is genuinely good fun and has really helped improve my energy levels. I am really pleased I went to that first session as it is the only exercise class that I really feel I can stick too."  Sarah W

“Staring at MTV and listening to someone else's choice of music blaring out.......or staring at the daffodils and listening to birdsong? Now that I have discovered exercising outside, I can't imagine wanting to go back to the stuffy confines of a gym. Gail manages to make every week different and has a real gift for making everyone feel welcome, whatever their level of fitness".  Deborah D

“Starting to go to Tuesday night sessions has motivated me to do even more exercise during the week! I enjoy training in a group and find the instructor both helpful and understanding. I am pushed past what I would normally achieve on my own and then feel more motivated when I am training on my own to achieve the same. Broomfield Park is also just a lovely setting - whether we running though it or around it!”  Denise O’S.

"I've tried numerous exercise classes/ gyms over the years but it has always felt like such an effort. A colleague mentioned to me about outdoor gym sessions and after a quick Google search, I found that there was a Saturday class in Broomfield Park. After the first class, I was hooked! It's a fun class, great to be in the outdoors and you genuinely feel like you've done a decent work out. Never in a million years did I think that I would actually look forward to a gym session; but I genuinely do - even the ones in the rain! I would thoroughly recommend trying it at the very least - I've even roped my husband into joining and he loves it!"  Tej S

“I quit the gym about a year ago, fed up with escalating prices and getting very little in return. About 6 weeks ago I saw the sign for ‘Bootcamp’ in the park and thought I’d give it a go. I was half expecting it to be like the opening scene from ‘Bridesmaids’, me hiding behind a tree, watching, while a sergeant major type instructor bellowed instructions at his victims. But hey, this is Broomfield Park, not New York and the instructor was female and didn’t bellow at us once. The first session was free and I was met with a very warm welcome from Gail, the instructor and the rest of the group. Everyone is really friendly. As a result of a thoroughly exhausting but enjoyable first class, I wasn’t able to walk properly till the following Tuesday but I haven’t missed a Saturday morning since. The classes are pitched just right for all levels of ability and Gail is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable trainer. She motivates all of us, individually and collectively throughout the sessions. I have noticed significant changes in my body shape and level of energy since starting the classes. Training outside, rain or shine, leaves you feeling invigorated and ready to embrace the weekend. I’m loving it!”  Claire W

“I have been coming to Bootcamp for a year now and really enjoy it. It has been the only form of exercise that I have ever stuck with and I have tried everything. I have lost weight, toned up and my overall fitness has improved. The classes are fun, challenging and keep you on your toes. We do new things every week so you never get bored and doing it all outside is really refreshing. I have also met lots of really great new people.”  Helen W

"Bootcamp is a fun way to keep fit. The activities are always varied. The trainer offers lots of options for your personal level so there is always a challenge. You will go home feeling energised. I have seen great results in just four weeks."  Carol S

"I have been attending North London Fitness for two months now. It is not only good fun but is a really good work out!  I have tried a lot of classes in the past and this is the only one I have managed to stick to. There is a real variety in the circuits from week to week which means that you never get bored but you are able to build strength and stamina.  The trainers are great, really encouraging and ensure that everyone is working to their own ability.   I would recommend it to anyone"  Kate M

"Since having my first baby last July I was keen to get my pre-pregnancy figure back so I started Bootcamp last October and have since lost almost three stone and am now fitter than I have been in years. I have been a member of many gyms over the years, but training outside has been the best training for me. Not only for the circuit training but the way it challenges your body and makes you feel. You feel so much freedom training outside. No matter what the weather you can have a great work out and really feel the benefit. Gail has been a real support over the last few months, she recognises when your fitness is increasing and pushes you accordingly. The classes are different from one week to the next to keep you on your toes, and the other team members are supportive and friendly. No matter what your fitness level you should really give this class a go, as before you know it you will be losing weight, toning up and be a part of a great group."  Sarra C

"Simply a brilliant workout. Every class is structured differently so it never gets repetitive or mundane and keeps you on your toes! I love working out in the fresh air so these sessions are perfect for me - I defy anyone to prefer exercising in a sweaty gym. Classes are designed to push you but you are encouraged rather than shouted at - Gail is a great trainer and makes sure all levels are catered for and everyone works to their maximum. Everyone should try it!"  Sharon M

"Boot Camp!!  What a great way to kick ( And I mean that literally ) start your way into regular exercise.  I thought I was fairly fit before but soon realised how much fitter I could be.  Far healthier than being in a gym on a treadmill.  What could be better than getting fit in the great outdoors especially if you work inside the rest of the day.  It's great fun and it works. I've got so much more energy and I've lost weight too."  Jackie C

"I have been to many gyms and while starting out strong, I would often loose momentum and stop pushing myself or stop going at all. Training with North London Fitness means that I have someone to push me that little bit further when I don't push myself. I feel so much better after training, have more energy, sleep better and am more focused at work.  Anyone who knew me before I started training knew I didn't really like exercising and would put it off, but now I am the one pushing other people to get involved. It's tough but a lot of fun."  Hannah B

"Just wanted to drop you a note when I got back home to say I really enjoyed the session tonight!! It was great to workout in the open and to do various activities, working all over, pushing out of my comfort zone with great motivation! Probably won't be saying that tomorrow when I attempt to get out of bed! hahaha..."  Claire W

"When I first went to the bootcamp, I didn't know what to expect, I just thought I'd try it out. After the first session I ached, I ached a lot! You fit so much into the time your there and its really good for you. After just a couple of sessions I already noticed the difference. I feel much much fitter. People think I'm mad when I say I go running round a field jumping about avoiding the cow pats but it's much better to be outside than in a stuffy old gym.  The trainers are great. They push you hard, but they understand that people do have limits. And over time they know how much you can do and encourage you to go that bit further. They're happy to answer any questions you've got and offer advice on improving your fittness outside of the camp. But they do blow their whistle if you're slacking a bit!  To be honest, its some of the best exercise I've done in a long time!"  Andy P

"I needed a kick start to get me back in to training but lacked the motivation & drive to push myself harder. Bootcamp provided me with a fun, refreshing & challenging way to get back in shape. Exercising outdoors is so much more inspiring than being in a gym & being in the open air felt healthier & made the time go really fast. The instructors were firm but fun & made the experience more enjoyable by joining in & showing people the techniques correctly. They are very friendly & knowledgeable which made me feel in safe hands & that I had really had a workout!" Sophie G

"After my fitness and weight going downhill with the birth of my son, I have been saying I need to get fit.  As a dance teacher it had always been very good. I just found with work & a family I couldn't fit it in.  North London Fitness has given me the kickstart I needed!  Now I book on sessions and even jog (my biggest hate) several times a week!.  I feel stronger, fitter and even sleep better at night!"  Naomi H