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Personal Training in North London

Personal training really is about choosing to invest in you! Making the decision to start personal training is making a commitment to achieve your goals. One of the key elements of becoming and staying fit is consistency-if you're going to stick to it, you've got to like what you're doing.  This is where North London Personal Training can help you-we make it personal and enjoyable!

What will Personal Training do for me?

One to one sessions will challenge you as an individual so exercise will never be boring! North London Fitness Personal Training is about giving you the support and motivation to get you where you want to be and make your goals achievable.  Lose weight, run a race-whatever your goal is-it's all possible!

How do I start?

At North London Fitness we believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness so before we start a personal training programme with you, we'll meet with you for a full consultation to discuss your goals, exercise history, medical history, nutrition, diet and lifestyle. We will also carry out an assessment of your posture, flexibility and muscle condition and then design the correct exercise programme for you.

Depending on your goals, we may also ask you to keep a food diary and take body measurements. This consultation is a vital part of establishing where you're at and how we're going to work together to achieve your goals.

Where do you train?

That's up to you.  We usually work with clients in the park but can also train with you in your home or garden, on your own or with a partner if you'd prefer.  Finding the time to fit exercise into your everyday life can be difficult so personal training with North London Fitness gives you the flexibility to choose when and where you train.  We are happy to train with you at different times each week if your schedule is varied-just work out what suits you.

Can I book up single Personal Training sessions?

We offer both single sessions as well as block bookings and are happy to discuss which is better for you depending on your goals.  We do usually recommend a minimum of three sessions though.

To find out more about what Personal Training can do for you contact us now.